The benefits of pedalless bikes for kids

The benefits of pedalless bikes for kids

If we want to give our children a better world and instill in them a more sustainable way of life, it is convenient to familiarize them from an early age with the use of the bicycle. If when they are babies we can take them with us in the bicycle seat, when they get a little older, they need to have their own bicycle.

We all know that learning to ride a bike is not easy. The child does not have balance and does not know very well how to handle without falling. For some time we have been seeing a new method to learn to ride a bicycle that is much more effective than the tricycle or bicycles with rollers. Are the calls bikes without pedals.

The traditional method of teaching children to ride a bicycle was treadmills. An ineffective method because it did not develop a sense of balance and as soon as we took off the wheels, the learning process started from scratch. The secret to riding a bike is Balance and that is precisely what we must teach the child.

They were also very common the tricycles as a prior step to cycling. The child rode safely on his tricycle or even on his motorcycle, but the problem when taking the bicycle for the first time persisted, that is, the child did not have a developed sense of balance. At this point, the experts realized that bikes without pedals were ideal.

The bikes without pedals are designed for children from 2 years old. Some people wonder how it is possible to ride a bicycle without pedals. Well, these bicycles without pedals must be adapted to the child's height and it is the child himself who propels it with his feet, which must be able to land on the ground without difficulty.

The main advantage of pedalless bikes over traditional methods of learning to ride a bike is that the child get the balance naturally and progressively. By walking on his bicycle, the child balances safely and acquires the security he needs on a bicycle.

Pedalless bikes also enhance your psychomotor skills and improve your sense of orientation. And most importantly, that the child learns from a very young age all the advantages of enjoying the bicycle with autonomy and independence. Logically, no child should ride the bicycle without pedals without adult supervision and it is also advisable for them to carry helmet, although the risks are minimal.

Once the little one has acquired security on his bike without pedals, it will be time to switch to a bike like his parents. It will be time to buy the child a brand new bicycle with pedals or use the one they already have if it is the type of evolutionary bikes, because in that case you only have to add the pedals.

Laura Velez. Editor of our site

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