Toy kitchen with cardboard. Recycled children's crafts

Toy kitchen with cardboard. Recycled children's crafts

We show you how to make a cardboard play kitchen. It is a beautiful recycling children's craft with which you can create a kitchen with a ceramic hob and oven and a sink with a small cupboard.

They are homemade toys made with recycled material with which your children can have a good time playing. It is a very easy to do and very economical craft. You dare?


  • 2 cartons
  • Black and blue eva rubber
  • Red paint
  • 2 CD's
  • Plastic bowl
  • Soap dispenser
  • Permanent marker
  • Plastic bottle caps
  • Hair clips
  • Cloth
  • Cutter and glue

1. We are going to start by making the toy kitchen out of cardboard. To begin we paint the box with paint, we have chosen red paint. Cut and glue on the top black eva rubber to make the glass ceramic and two CDs for the hot plates.

2. To make the oven door of our toy kitchen, we cut a rectangle on the side under the glass ceramic but we will leave it fixed to the box at the inner end, so we can open and close the oven. We will also make two holes with a hole punch and insert two hair clips as handles.

3. And finally, we will glue several bottle caps to make the temperature regulators. And so we have the kitchen ready.

4. To make the sink, we paint another box red and stick blue eva rubber on the top of the box. We draw a line right in the middle of the foam rubber and on one of the sides we draw a circle with a compass that is the size of the bowl. We also draw several lines to decorate the sink.

5. Cut the circumference with a cutter and a small hole next to it. We introduce the bowl and the dispenser.

6. To finish decorating, we take the fabric and make folds in it that you will staple to hold, finally glue the curtains in the sink. thus you have created a small closet. You now have your cardboard toy kitchen ready to prepare delicious dishes!

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