5 tips to avoid sibling fights

5 tips to avoid sibling fights

One of the things you learn from a very young age is that you either fight for things or you will never get them. The grandmothers would summarize all this in a popular saying: 'Who does not cry, does not breast'. That's why sibling fights come naturally. All the brothers fight. It is part of life's learning.

The mission of parents is to teach their children that there is another form of 'power struggle', such as persuasion or negotiation. The goal: to get children to learn to channel and manage their anger.

Anger is a basic emotion in all people. You want something, they don't give it to you. what happen? You get angry. Obviously, adults have learned to manage this feeling and we try not to get too affected. But children still don't really know how to do it. When there are siblings involved, anger turns into a fight and fights in an attempt to dominate and in an effort to gain more power. Sometimes fighting is just a way to get the attention of parents.

What can parents do to avoid it? Here are some tips for parents of children who are beginning to use fighting as a habit:

1. Don't just be an observer. Apply the rules
Parents can intervene in the fight. You have to sit down and watch your children pull their hair. They don't know that there is another way to get that toy they want. Help them. If they push the limits and the fight is serious, apply the rules and limits you set and punish them if necessary.

2. Teach them to share
Most sibling fights start because they both want the same thing. The origin of the problem is that they do not know how to share. If you both want the same cookie, explain that you can cut it in half and neither lose. If it is a toy, put a limited time of enjoyment for each one.

3. Teach them to negotiate
A good tactic to get that toy that one of the brothers refuses to share is to negotiate. Teach your child that by offering something in return to his brother, he can make a profit.

4. Teach him to manage his anger.
When they get angry, children feel anger and frustration. The heart races and they can no longer think. Perhaps if you teach them to allow a few seconds to pass when they feel that before jumping for their brother, they will be able to control their anger little by little.

5. Do not play favorites with any of the children
The only thing you do is generate jealousy between the brothers, and this can also end in continuous fights.

Jealousy between siblings

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How to correct jealousy between siblings. The control of jealousy between siblings depends a lot on the actions of the parents. It is a normal and necessary reaction for the evolution of children, and overcoming jealousy helps children to mature. A poorly resolved jealousy situation can represent problems in the future of the children.

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When parents are jealous. There are jealous parents towards the newborn and also parents who feel jealous towards the triumphs of their children. This feeling is natural and you have to learn to cope with it in order to transform jealousy into another less destructive feeling. We give you some tips.

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