Cri-Crí song for children: The comal told the pot

Cri-Crí song for children: The comal told the pot

A Cri-Crí song for children, very original thanks to its unique lyrics and cheerful music. This piece of music is one of the most popular by the Mexican singer-songwriter and has been passed down through generations.

If you also want to show your children a beautiful melody, we will show you the lyrics of the Cri-Crí song for children"The comal told the pot." Dance and sing with them, while encouraging their creativity and teaching them a different and fun method of expression. Not to be missed!

The comal said to the pot:

"Hey pot, hey, hey!

if you have believed that I am recharger

find someone else to support you ”.

And the pot turned to the first:

Peladote, you fool!

is that I am in the boil of beans,

And you don't even want me to leave the whole brazier for you.

The comal to the pot said:

When it crunches, don't flinch!

With his smuts he has already spoiled me for sure

the elegance that I wear.

And the pot almost faints.

Smug! well, well;

they brought him from the plaza, damaged

and you don't even want me to say that he's a gallant on the screen.

The comal said to the pot:

Don't get close, fuchi, fuchi!

I have told morning, noon and night

and there is no way that he will listen to me.

But the other replied, making noise:

Oh rascuache, don't tell me!

if I grab it I turn it into sherds

and no spirits to shout for the patrol to come.

The comal looked at his partner:

What did you say? You are old!

If you can't with the quelites soup,

much less with lentils.

And the pot answered like the bravas:

Look young, pure beans!

A century ago the potter made you

and you don't even want to hide the hundred years that it swallows.

We show you the video of this musical piece for children, with which the little ones can sing and dance, and even do a choreography representing the fun discussion they have the comal and the pot in this song.

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Video: Cri Cri, El Grillito Cantor (January 2022).