When the storm passed. Nursery rhyme for rainy days

When the storm passed. Nursery rhyme for rainy days

If your child is afraid on stormy days, we suggest you learn this nice nursery rhyme for rainy days: When the storm passed and recite it to your children. It is a tender poem that explains that the storm always passes and everything returns to normal.

Poetry is an excellent vehicle to explain emotions to children, as well as a great tool to promote the pleasure of reading in children.

When the storm passed

the bird flew from the nest,

the bear came out of the cave,

and the bug from its hiding place.

From the hole the rat,

the flower bug,

the leaf worm

and the rainbow of the sun.

And the vole has not come out?

The vole curled into a ball,

without knowing anything,

still in the sleeping corner.

To find out if your children have understood this poem and to work on emotions with them, you can ask them these questions:

- Why do you think the animals hid in the storm?

- What animal fell asleep at the end of the storm?

- How many reasons can you think of to protect us in a storm?

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