Crafts for children by materials

Crafts for children by materials

Crafts are the perfect activity to share with the family. Children will have a fun time and develop their physical and psychological abilities with entertainment that only needs simple materials.

Felt, cardboard, fabric, wool, plastic, toilet paper rolls, tweezers ... crafts of different materials, for any occasion. We propose you crafts that adapt to the simplest and most economical materials. So you can do them whenever you want with your child. They will love it!

In We offer you original ideas to make different crafts with different materials: felt, cardboard, paper, wool, plastic, plasticine, cardboard ... Let's get to work!

Crafts with cardboard. Making crafts for children helps them enhance their ability to concentrate while stimulating their creativity and imagination. On our site we offer you different ideas to make original and fun children's crafts made with cardboard.

Paper crafts. With paper, scissors and glue you can do a lot of nice easy and fun activities. On our site we offer you a series of easy and original crafts made only with paper. Do you dare to make any of them with your children?

Crafts with plasticine. On our site we give you ideas to make easy and simple crafts made with plasticine. The plasticine also allows children to develop their creativity and imagination and enhance their motor skills. It even allows them to increase their ability to concentrate, entertains them and helps them set short-term goals.

Felt crafts. our site offers some proposals for children's crafts made with felt. Felt is a widely used material for making crafts with children. It is very easy to work with and to join, and it can also be found in different and cheerful colors.

Crafts with eva rubber. On our site we have selected a series of crafts made with eva rubber that you can do at home with children very easily. It is also known as ethyl vinyl acetate, eva, foam, foamy or sparkling.

Crafts with paper rolls. Recycling crafts are great fun for children and teach them to reuse materials such as toilet paper rolls that would end up in the trash. We give you ideas of what cardboard creations to make and talk about the benefits of crafts.

Crafts with egg boxes. Egg boxes are an ideal material to make recycling crafts and to teach children that taking care of the planet is everyone's responsibility. our site offers us ideas on how to recycle the boxes of eggs that we have left over to make crafts with children.

Crafts with plastic. Plastic bottles and cups are an ideal material to make recycling crafts with children and at the same time we teach them to care for and protect the environment. Recycling is one of the most important values ​​that we can teach our children.

Crafts with tweezers. We offer you a selection of Christmas crafts with clothespins. If you thought that the clothespins are only used for such a mundane task as hanging clothes, you are wrong, in GuiaInfantil we have found a new utility for you: making recycling Christmas crafts.

Crafts with cardboard plates. If you thought that cardboard plates are only used to put Christmas canapes or sandwiches to children, you are wrong, on our site we have found a new use for it: making recycling Christmas crafts such as Santa Claus, Christmas tree, angels, snowmen. snow, etc.

Balloon crafts. Children love to play with balloons, however this element offers many more resources than just blowing them up and throwing them into the air. On our site we offer you original and fun ideas to play with balloons and make shapes and figures with them.

Crafts with cardboard. On our site we show you how to transform a simple cardboard box into a castle, a costume or a truck. It's about making easy and inexpensive recycling crafts with kids.

Crafts with wool. Wool is not only used for weaving, on our site we propose a series of crafts made with wool. Wool is an easy material to work with, very accessible and inexpensive.

Crafts with boxes. Cardboard boxes are an ideal material to make recycling crafts while helping to take care of the environment. Surely at home you have many to start having fun with your children. On our site we give you a few ideas.

Crafts with papier-mâché. To create crafts with paper mache you only need a newspaper, white glue and water. With it we can make masks, hats or decorative objects. On our site we teach you to make easy and original crafts with papier-mâché.

Crafts with beads. On our site we suggest that children make their own accessories using beads and beads. We teach you to make bracelets, headbands or decorative elements in a simple way.

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